The Journey That Wrote Itself:

My Creative Journey, the Birth of Capital Film Productions, and Our $50 Million Mission

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The Creative Journey—Fueled by Passion and Purpose

From the moment I was old enough to grasp the power of a well-spun tale, I was hooked.
Stories in books, on screen, or from the mouths of skilled orators captivated me. I was fortunate enough to have started my career in marketing; working for some of the world’s biggest tech companies, HP, Intel & Google. For 17 years, I had a front-row seat to the magic of storytelling for some of the world’s most loveable brands, working on ad campaigns that didn’t just sell products but told stories people could connect with.

Throughout this journey, I crossed paths and collaborated with many incredible storytellers—writers, directors, producers, and marketers from around the world.

Going through projects and experiences, I continued to want more: “What’s my purpose, and where do I find the highest level of fulfillment?”

I realized that my accrued experience wasn’t just a personal asset; it could be a transformative force for a community of amazing filmmakers and creators eager to tell their own stories but stifled by various obstacles. This epiphany led to the birth of my next adventure: Capital Film Productions (CFP).

CFP and ME - Crafting Impact Frame by Frame

For years, I wore many hats— Strategist, Producer, Director, and even Brand Storyteller, working as a Marketing professional and with some incredible names in the Film Industry.
Each role gifted me a unique lesson, and the blend of these lessons and my restless desire to do more gave life to Capital Film Productions.

With CFP, we aim to radically shift the landscape of African film by making investing in film projects at a scaled level. All while supporting to tackle other critical issues that filmmakers on the continent face daily. But it’s crucial to grasp these challenges to appreciate the impact we aim to have.

Financial constraints often lead to compromises on production quality, limiting the industry’s international allure.
Infrastructural limitation complicates the production process, as well as distribution and monetization, leaving creators in a perpetual struggle.
Lack of structure in the film industry is a reality most filmmakers have had to navigate on their journeys, popularly referred to as a jungle.
Skills gaps within the ecosystem pose a setback for the industry, severe shortage of mentorship programs, and developmental opportunities for up-and-coming filmmakers.

The CFP mission is ambitious, as we’re focused on funding and supporting the structured growth of an industry we love. Our confidence in the mission is fixed on the collective commitment of our LPs, partners & filmmakers who believe in us.

For me, the learnings have fueled the desire to do this. CFP is a movement aimed at making meaningful, lasting changes in African cinema. We’re not just talking about it;
we’re passionately doing something about it, one film at a time.

Our Mission: A Journey Beyond the Numbers

Our mission is to support filmmakers through funding. We have spent the past three (3) years doing this, and we plan to cautiously scale this fund to become a $50 million fund in a few years. This investment is a concrete step toward building a comprehensive ecosystem that addresses the real issues within the African film ecosystem.

We’re not taking a one-size-fits-all approach as we build this movement. The fund is set up to support a range of cinematic projects, from mid-size features to sweeping epics, from hard-hitting documentaries to heartwarming animations. We’re opening the doors for individual and institutional investors to be part of this journey.

With more film funds and industry supporters coming on board, we are excited to know that we are part of a larger movement aimed at elevating African cinema to a global stage.

If you’re as captivated by the potential of African cinema as we are, we invite you to join our collective of believers & investors and become a chapter in this transformative story.

Authored and written by

A seasoned business leader with 15+ years’ experience. Former Head of Sales at Google, achieving 5x revenue growth. Executive produced “Gangs of Lagos” for Amazon and numerous African brand ads.

Adim Isiakpona

Co-founder, CFP

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Frequently asked questions.

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What does CFP do?

CFP is a film investment firm that aggregates funds to support African film projects, aiming to celebrate Nigeria and Africa globally through notable cinematic ventures.

How can I get access?

You can access CFP’s investment opportunities by registering on our website, joining the our investor community and investing a our current Act-3 Fund

How will this help me grow my portfolio?

Investing with CFP diversifies your portfolio, offering financial returns from successful film projects, cultural impact through African storytelling, and potential networking opportunities.

How are funds remitted to producers?

CFP manages fund disbursement to producers based on agreed-upon terms and project milestones, ensuring financial support aligns with film production requirements.

What is the success rate of film projects on CFP?

CFP’s success rate varies, but they strive to support promising projects. Factors influencing success include project quality, marketing efforts, and industry dynamics.

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